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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2011 7:30am-8:00am PST

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weeks until this will be heard. supervisor mirkarimi and i will confer with the sheriff's department and others as appropriate to try to address some of the concerns that the sheriff's department has to see if there is common ground. >> i moved to adopt the amendments. >> we can do that without opposition. can you please call item number 80. court hearing to consider
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appointing six members, terms and in december 31st, 2012. there are six seats and 8 applicants. course we did hear this two weeks ago. four of the applicants had spoken at that meeting. if you can spend a few minutes on discussing the background and your experience in relation to the medical cannabis the task force and your interest. >> thank you for this opportunity.
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i'm applying for the vacancy on the task force. according to the requirements, the rep must be a local patient and an advocacy with a local background and working detect the interests of medical cannabis patients. i have been a medical cannabis patient in california. i have been immersed in the medical cannabis community in the bay area and i am familiar with the legal, public health issues. for the past two years, i was working with an ngo that focused on drug policy reform. i also received my master's degree in human rights and took over many at this see initiatives -- at the seat initiatives --
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advocacy the initiatives. i have been a regular member of the task force. when we were forced to close, i was actually the community out reached for ctenophore an organization to establish good will relationships with many entities in the neighborhood and community members of the mission neighborhood including the pta, the health center, and various other charities and organizations. i hope that you will perceive me as the ideal candidate. >> are there any questions? thank you. we did here marquis ausby a few
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weeks ago however, you can come up and say a few words. >> hello, i am a patient advocate. i am also a member of students for medical cannabis protections. i have been working with the medical cannabis taskforce since i became a patient earlier this year. i started learning about the laws and regulations of medical cannabis and cannabis in general. i cannot put down a book or a sheet of paper or anything of that sort. so, i decided to start advocating for patience and getting to know all that i can
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and to better help the youth, the elders, the low income, the disabled, the veterans, the students. i would do anything to help them. thank you. >> i saw this in your resmae. -- resume. >> i am on the patient advocacy committee. this is the task force. i was given a death sentence due to my severity in the whole of my heart. this pardon me for military service.
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i was a veteran assistant to the bed utilization. i graduated from i.t. technical institute. and i had to endure brain surgery while i was awake. i was put in a hospice. while i was a hospice, i used medical cannabis which helped me to survive. i wanted to use this to help others achieve safe access. i have been at every patient advocacy committee meeting and i
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am proud of the work that we are doing. i also attended the task force meetings this year and i feel that i can use my life experience for this committee. i assisted my vietnam veteran friend at a veterans hospital. the canvas that i brought him helps him with his issues and unfortunately he died on february 22nd this year. there are many others who can benefit from this amazingly effective medicine and they are not receiving it. i hope that you will consider this. thank you. >> thank you. i want to note the correction that this was not to and 10. next, we have leonard watkins who got a chance to speak. is he here today?
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he did speak at the last meeting so i let him know he did not have to come back. next we have martin all live and then sarah -- next we have martin olive and the sarah shrader. >> we have been established since 2004 and in the medical cannabis movement since 2002. i am a staunch advocate for medical cannabis. but i was involved in the 2005 medical care of this act and involved with the working group before we formed as a task force and we have served diligently. we attended all but one meeting and involved in three of the subcommittee's. i also asked the rotating chair
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at my last meeting and we received -- we submitted to the annual report. we look forward to any questions you may have. >> any questions? thank you for your time serving on the task force. >> thank you. >> hello, thank you for your consideration today for my reappointment to the medical cannabis task force. i am here representing americans for safe access which is the largest organization which is working towards advancing therapeutics research and loss. i have been dedicated to this since its inception and i worked there five years continuously. i also support the san francisco and sonoma chapters. i have a wide array of work experience and has given me an issue. you can see that in a letter
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that i submitted. i look forward to the possibility of working on the task force of people i've got to know this. people have been dedicated to the movement and have helped in a positive way. they include hunter who is on the san francisco chapter, martin, who has been dedicated to helping us, and a longtime supporter. whoever ends up on the task force, i will try to assume best intentions and work with everyone and i look forward to continuing to serve in the city in which i was born. >> it is my understanding that both you and mr. oliver for recommend it in the task force to reapply. i want to say thanks for the record.
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>> good afternoon. i am a san francisco resident for 20 years. i have been a patient a little bit more in the past 12 years. i became very involved in a local medical cannabis movement because my life depended on it. over the years, i have come to know and love of the people involved and a lot of the different issues relating to cannabis and especially low income patients who are sometimes disadvantaged in accessing the madison where your average san francisco citizens can go to a collective or dispensary. a lot of times lower income patients are not. they're interested in achieving the local gardens where people can take part in and grow their own cannabis reducing the cost
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tremendously. i appreciate being able to take part of the years in the different committees and activities involved in creating some reasonable regulations for our town and i appreciate the opportunity to sit on the task force and continue doing so with the people that are here. i think this is effective in gathering the community and giving them a form to work on the issues without having to overwhelm the supervisors with all the different issues and individual focuses that different people have. i think it is important that we have a task force that we can deal with these issues. we can have a more concise and reasonable and conclusive report and suggestions on ways that we can deal with the medical cannabis in the future. i appreciate the consideration for this seat. >> thank you.
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next we have dr. jean talleyrand. i'm applying for the physicians seat. i have been in san francisco for 15 years. i came here to do my residency in family practice. afterward, i worked in the neighborhood. i started my own integrated medicine. this led me to participate in the medical cannabis movement and i founded a group that today has seen over 250,000 patients. i believe that my experience in san francisco in the medical cannabis community would help
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me and help the medical cannabis task force developed the guidelines that take care of our patients. i believe that our patients are interested in clean madison. i think that they are interested in legitimate access. finally, i believe that whatever regulations we propose should comply with the california medical association's recommendations. so, i thank you for considering me for seat 15 on the medical cannabis task force. >> actually, i have a question. i was hoping that you could speak more as a physician practicing in san francisco about how you and corporate medical marijuana in your practices and the challenges that you face working in one of our hospitals around this issue.
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>> i'm comfortable being a minority. i guess that is what cannabis as thought of in the medical community. i fell into it with my interest in the medicine and integrative medicine which are all sorts of traditional chinese medicine, chiropractors trying to integrate as many modalities' as possible to heal the patient. cannabis has proven to be a wonderful medicine. that is why i am outspoken. i believe that our medical association is very much behind what we do. the rest of the world needs to catch up. >> i will open it up for public comment.
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>> you can line up and speak afterwards. >> good afternoon. i wear several hats, one of which is i'm on the committee for the marijuana oversight committee. i would like to speak to you as chair of black and brown canada's policy. on behalf of my candidate. he has worked with me on several
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issues and he is a variable valuable asset. i also feel that i can probably save you time if i to ask my colleagues that could stand or these raise their hand if they are in favor of marquis taking the ad is easy to -- advocacy seat. the other members that applying for positions are very good candidates for their spot and i recommend them highly. thank you. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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i am in support of my co-founder and co-chair, mr. ausby. we both joined the organization and as far as part of the activities. i have gone to three meetings. gosh his commitment to patients. and i am also looking forward to -- not the way i can be part of that. and along with the rest of the patient advocates of the committee. >> by name is michael goldman, i
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have had the privilege to serve for the last year. they have been very active participants in that committee and have been very constructive. i very strongly recommend both of them to be appointed. as far as the qualifications for the other individuals, i don't think i have seen either of them attending any patient advocacy committee meeting as a member of the public. and i like you to encourage those people that have been very constructive. >> i would like to thank you for letting me speak, first of all. second of all, why think he is very well qualified in taking this position on the medical taskforce.
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he has put many long hours in different projects and the medical cannabis issue. as far as he goes, he is very well qualified. basically, how they survive like we all have. all of the candidates, -- and the other one that i did not mention, the zero have my support. the usher in the afternoon, supervisors. i wanted to take a moment to --
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i wanted to take a moment as well, to advocate for marquis ausby. in the times that i have wanted to be able to do things that were associated with what he was doing, i have seen him put forth a lot of commitment. he spent a lot of his own personal time, i can attest to that as well as its neighbor. and just about everything that he does, he is surrounded by trying to advocate for medical marijuana patients. in light of that in light of the fact that i know him to be very dependable and a very transparent, i would like to recommend him for that seat.
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i think his qualifications and the work he has been done -- that he has done have been more than demonstrative. he would be the best logical choice. thank you. >> i just wanted to say that i wanted to thank them for coming and having a dr.'s support here. that is much needed in this movement and it is very lacking. we need more of that and people with medical and professional attitude to set up to the plate. i want to thank him publicly for being here. i wanted to support him because he is very compassionate, he has done things for me, i am
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medically handicapped. my illnesses have gotten worse and he has one person the has been there for me. i wanted to say that i support him very much and i also support -- he is another person that has been there as a patient advocate. and you. >> i was scheduled to speak, my name is henry johnson by wanted to say something. i have known him for a number of years in he was my primary care physician when he was in residency about the market lacking in he was very compassionate. thank you.
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>> i am here to speak on behalf of hunter for seek to. the reason that i would like to have him in that position is that we have a fresh set of eyes. a lot of times we have a tendency to do things over and over the same way. and if we have the same individuals looking at the same situation, we will have the same result. it never hurts to have a fresh set of eyes or years in a situation. in this day and age when we are constantly in changing load, we're looking for answers to situations. a fresh set of eyes and a fresh set of commitments, it can only tell having the same ones of the time. >> i could not hear who you were supporting. hunter?
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thank you. >> hello, i live in sentences go since 1966 in the mission district. i see him working in all the community, even the commission district. i support him with all my heart. >> in the afternoon, supervisors. i occupied the agent -- the patient advocacy seat and. i came here to support marquis ausby who has worked diligently on patient issues. having that have people come
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from experience is incredibly important. and the vote of hiv-positive use is something that is lacking. it is something that he will bring to the table. that alone, this is a very critical moment for us and i would like to support sarah from americans for a safe access end of that they do have representation of a vote. martin oliver has always been appreciated by the patient advocacy community and his balancing efforts. and of like to support the doctor for not only having the necessary medical input, but noting that he is the only physician willing to work with me when i went to bat for low- income patients and veterans that could not afford a doctor's
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visit. no other doctor would work with me. >> a good afternoon, supervisors. i currently holds the no. 1 on the task force. i am the elected spokesperson. i am here to say that i appreciate every single applicant that has come before you today. they have all contributed and done a great job. i have sent e-mail to all of you listing who i strongly support. 42, i strongly support hunter. for seat 4, i strongly support carol who is not here before us today. and leonard and canada. i think they would all be great editions.
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i strongly support martin's reappointment at sarah's reappointment. i am very grateful that the doctor has decided to apply and i strongly support his application, too. i can send of things about the brand to has been a tireless advocate for the low-income patients and has made significant contribution to the medical taskforce in the form of a proposal for a low-income cultivation garden that is included in the annual report. i am happy to answer any questions that you may have. >> my name is paul and i support in-house marquis. he is a good friend of mine. he is a hard worker. and i also support kenand bre--
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ken and brent. >> the evening, board of supervisors. i want to state that i stand in support of sera, martin, dr., and can. i also wanted to support marquis ausby. for the past year-and-a-half, i have not seen him as a meeting. he has been diligent in supporting the task force. he has been taking on extended roles and volunteering. >> i have been a patient since


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